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CHEN 3600 -Lab Assignment 12 Some Statistics with MATLABR

Summary: CHEN 3600 - Lab Assignment 12
Some Statistics with MATLABR
Use "Cell Mode" and "Publish" to make a printout of your solution. Paste in the relevant
command window output as comment within the appropriate cell. Paste in any function
files you create outside of this script as comment within the appropriate cell.
1. An experimenter is testing for ESP by holding cards with shapes and having a subject
state what shape is on the card, without being able to see the shape on the card. The
possible shapes are star, square, circle or a wave. Assuming that the subject does not
have ESP and that 20 attempts are made:
a) What is the expected number of correct guesses?
b) What is the probability that a subject guesses at least 10 cards correctly?
2. A selective college would like to enroll 1200 students per year. Because not all students
with offers of admission enroll, the college offers admission to 1500 students. This is
because, historically, 70% of students offered admission enroll. Assume that each
student makes the decision to enroll independently (i.e., no "group" deals).
a) How many students are expected to enroll?
b) How likely is it that more than 1200 students will enroll?
c) If the college offers 1700 students admission, how likely is it that more than 1200
will enroll?
d) How many students should be offered admission if the college is willing to accept


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science