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Grand Challenges (GCs) in Microelectronic Design Outcome of Consultation Exercise

Summary: 1
Grand Challenges (GCs) in Microelectronic Design
Outcome of Consultation Exercise
Executive Summary
The `GCs in Microelectronics' roadmap was produced as the main outcome of an
EPSRC-funded network of researchers. A parallel activity was also undertaken in
the area of silicon technology. It aimed to develop a consensus as to where the
major research challenges lie in the field of microelectronics, and thereby to
encourage greater coherence, communication and collaboration across the
microelectronics research community.
EPSRC carried out a formal consultation exercise via a call for feedback on its
website. The GCs generated a lot of interest and overall support from both
academic and industry researchers.
Following the consultation, the electronics Knowledge Transfer Network (e-KTN) is
planning a series of events (including a seminar - 28th
March 2008) which will aim
to introduce the results of the GCs roadmap to a wider and more commercial
audience, with industry representatives from across the electronics and medical
devices community.
EPSRC is also considering signposting one or morel of the GCs to encourage the


Source: Aickelin, Uwe - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences