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Theoretical Population Biology 73 (2008) 7991 Testing for phylogenetic signal in phenotypic traits: New matrices of

Summary: Theoretical Population Biology 73 (2008) 79­91
Testing for phylogenetic signal in phenotypic traits: New matrices of
phylogenetic proximities
Sandrine Pavoinea,Ã, Se´ bastien Ollierb
, Dominique Pontiera
, Daniel Chessela
Laboratoire de Biome´trie et Biologie Evolutive, UMR CNRS 5558, Universite´ de Lyon, Universite´ Lyon 1, France
Universite´ Paris-Sud 11, Faculte´ des Sciences d'Orsay, Unite´ Ecologie, Syste´matique et Evolution,
De´partement Biodiversite´ UMR-8079 UPS-CNRS-ENGREF, France
Received 2 March 2007
Available online 12 October 2007
Abouheif adapted a test for serial independence to detect a phylogenetic signal in phenotypic traits. We provide the exact analytic
value of this test, revealing that it uses Moran's I statistic with a new matrix of phylogenetic proximities. We introduce then two new
matrices of phylogenetic proximities highlighting their mathematical properties: matrix A which is used in Abouheif test and matrix M
which is related to A and biodiversity studies. Matrix A unifies the tests developed by Abouheif, Moran and Geary. We discuss the
advantages of matrices A and M over three widely used phylogenetic proximity matrices through simulations evaluating power and type-I
error of tests for phylogenetic autocorrelation. We conclude that A enhances the power of Moran's test and is useful for unresolved trees.


Source: Abouheif, Ehab - Department of Biology, McGill University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology