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CMPSCI 711: Really Advanced Algorithms Course information: Spring 2003

Summary: CMPSCI 711: Really Advanced Algorithms
Course information: Spring 2003
Lecture: Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00-2:15 in CMPS 140.
Lecturer: Professor Micah Adler
 Email: micah@cs.umass.edu
 Oce: CMPS 334
 Phone: 577-0233
 Oce hours: Tuesday 3:00 - 4:00, or by appointment.
Description: The objective of this course is to learn more about a few topics that are touched on
in CMPSCI 611, as well as to gain exposure to other topics that are not seen in CMPSCI 611. We
shall be concerned with gaining a broader perspective on the study of algorithms, with an emphasis
on getting an overview of a few important topics, as opposed to focusing deeply on any one topic.
The course will consist of three main sections, covering randomization in algorithms, lower bounds,
and multiprocessor algorithms.
Textbooks: The textbooks for the three sections will be di erent:
Motwani and Raghavan, Randomized Algorithms. Cambridge University Press, 1995.
Unfortunately, there is no good textbook on this topic, and thus we will be mostly relying on
the scribe notes for this section of the course.


Source: Adler, Micah - Department of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences