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J. OF ELECTROCARDIOLOGY, 32:22-33, 1999 1 Spherical-Harmonic Approximation to

Summary: J. OF ELECTROCARDIOLOGY, 32:22-33, 1999 1
Spherical-Harmonic Approximation to
the Forward Problem of Electrocardiology
R. Martin Arthur, PhD
Abstract-- Forward-problem solutions were approximated us-
ing spherical-harmonic series on an adult-male torso model
with heart and lungs. These approximations were found using
only a knowledge of torso-model geometry and were not based
on a prior solution for surface potentials. Because these series
depend only on polar and azimuthal angles, they allow continuous
estimation of the forward problem solution over the torso
without further knowledge of the torso geometry. Compared to
the conventional method, potentials estimated from fifth-degree
series for eight distributed double-layer sources had an average
relative error (RE) of 0.036. REs were similar with and without
torso inhomogeneities. The fifth-degree series solution (36 terms)
was found four times faster than the conventional method and
provided a data reduction factor of about 20 in the 715-node
torso model studied. Spherical-harmonic series transform surface
potentials into an orthogonal basis set whose spatial-frequency


Source: Arthur, R. Martin - Department of Electrical and Systems Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Engineering