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Modeling of 2D Cylindrical Integrated Optical Microresonators K. R. (Kiran) Hiremath

Summary: Modeling of 2D Cylindrical Integrated Optical Microresonators
K. R. (Kiran) Hiremath
Supervised by,
Dr. Manfred Hammer
June 13, 2003
In this thesis, we discuss the modeling and simulation of 2D cylindrical integrated optical microresonator
based on spatial couple mode theory. A symmetric dual coupling microresonator device is functionally
decomposed into two couplers each one consisting of a straight waveguide and a bent waveguide. These
two couplers are internally connected to each other by two other bent waveguides. Each coupler is
externally connected to two other straight waveguides. The advantage of such decomposition is that the
modeling of the microresonator reduces to the modeling of a bent waveguide and the modeling of the
coupler involving a bent waveguide and a straight waveguide. For this, it is essential to know the bent
modes. We present the modeling of bent waveguide and developed the semi analytical bent mode solver.
We use these modes in the spatial couple mode theory based modeling of the coupler involving a bent
and a straight waveguide. The scattering matrix of this coupler plays important role in the modeling of
a microresonator. Then we present the model of microresonator which is completely characterised by the
coupler scattering matrix. We conclude the modeling of a microresonator with the simulation results.
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Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


Collections: Engineering