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Argos: Dynamic Composition of Web Services for Goods Movement Analysis and Planning

Summary: Argos: Dynamic Composition of Web Services for Goods Movement
Analysis and Planning
Jose Luis Ambite1
, Genevieve Giuliano2
, Peter Gordon,
Andreas Harth, LanLan Wang, Qisheng Pan , and Stefan Decker
This research will develop a flexible data query and analysis system based on the web services
paradigm. As an application domain we will examine several goods movement planning problems and
their effects on urban structure. The project began in August 2003, and our highlights cover
accomplishments for the first 6 months of work.
The research has three objectives: 1) to advance computer science research by developing an
expressive web services description language and techniques for dynamically composing web services, 2)
to develop and conduct test applications of an intra-metropolitan goods movement flow model using web
services in cooperation with government partners, and 3) to use the model to conduct social science
research on intra-metropolitan economic linkages and spatial structure. Although the focus is on the
specific topic of urban goods movement, the approach to web service composition is general and can be
applied to other scientific data gathering and analysis tasks.
The first objective is to develop Argos, a general framework for dynamically composing web
services. Many scientific problems can be modeled as a workflow that includes information gathering and
processing operations. We propose a unifying framework where these operations are modeled as web


Source: Ambite, Josť Luis - Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences