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Summary: Noname manuscript No.
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OBS Burst Assembly Algorithms Subject to Burst Rate
Mehmet Altan Toks˜oz · Nail Akar
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Abstract Control plane load stems from burst con­
trol packets which need to be transmitted end­to­end
over the control channel and further processed at core
nodes of an Optical Burst Switching (OBS) network for
reserving resources in advance for an upcoming burst.
Burst assembly algorithms are generally designed with­
out taking into consideration the control plane load
they lead to. In the current article, we propose tra#c­
adaptive burst assembly algorithms that attempt to
minimize the average burst assembly delay subject to
burst rate constraints and hence limit the control plane
load. The algorithms we propose are simple to imple­
ment and we show using synthetic and real tra#c traces
that they perform substantially better than the usual


Source: Akar, Nail - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering