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Bird Numbers 10 (2) December 2001 I started a PhD programme in the ADU in

Summary: Bird Numbers 10 (2) December 2001
I started a PhD programme in the ADU in
May 2001. My project is to study the ener-
getics of wader chicks, looking at a range of
species that have different methods of rear-
ing their young (see previous article in this
issue). When Prof. Underhill suggested I use
Robben Island as a study site, it seemed very
appealing. Little did I know I would be risk-
ing life and limb.
After spending over a week on the island
desperately searching for Crowned Plover
nests, but not having much luck, I was feel-
ing terribly tired. It was my last day in the
field and I forced myself out early to search
for the elusive nests.
I was blundering around the area between
the airstrip and the control tower, following
a pair of Crowned Plovers. The next moment,


Source: Altwegg, Res - Avian Demography Unit, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Cape Town


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology