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Team iLearn-Tuesday Human-Centered Design--The iLearn Project Final Report

Summary: Team iLearn-Tuesday
Human-Centered Design--The iLearn Project Final Report
For the Mobile Learning project, the objective of our team was to develop an educational
tool that will help students to learn and understand concepts outside of the classroom through a
digital mobile device. We decided to use the iPhone as the platform and designed an application,
iLearn, which will serve mainly high school and college students but could also be used by
educational facilities or even on family trips. For the purpose of this project however, our group
focused solely on designing an application to be used by prospective students on Cal Day. We
are assuming that we have the technology that the iPhone offers to support the application, i.e.
GPS, Wi-Fi internet capabilities, camera, etc. The constraints could potentially be the
technological capabilities of the iPhone.
To acquire user needs, we conducted preliminary interviews to find the generic needs of a
mobile learning device. We found that users wanted an application that is easy to use, affordable,
compatible with other programs, engaging, and easy to access. We then benchmarked our new
product against similar applications and discovered that Google Earth was the program most
similar to aspects of ours. Next, we created an internet survey and polled 50 high school/college
students on their experiences while on field trips, university visits, etc. (see figure 1). This
revealed that an overwhelming number of students get lost, are not able to see all the attractions
they want to, and find paper maps the most significant resource in their educational experience.1
Knowing more specifically how the students will be using the application, we conducted a


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


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