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1 Agents for Information Gathering Craig A. Knoblock and Jos'e Luis Ambite

Summary: 1 Agents for Information Gathering
Craig A. Knoblock and Jos'e Luis Ambite
Information Sciences Institute and Department of Computer Science
University of Southern California
With the vast number of information resources available today, a critical problem is how to
locate, retrieve and process information. It is impractical to build a single unified system that
combines all of these information resources. A more modular approach is to build specialized
information agents where each agent provides access to a subset of these resources and can serve
as an information source to other agents. In this paper we present the architecture of the indi≠
vidual information agents and describe how this architecture supports a network of cooperating
information agents. We describe how these information agents represent their knowledge, com≠
municate with other agents, dynamically construct information retrieval plans, and learn about
other agents to improve their accuracy and efficiency. We have already built a small network of
agents that have these capabilities and provide access to information for logistics planning.
1.1 Introduction
With the growing number of information sources available, the problem of how to com≠
bine distributed, heterogeneous information sources becomes more and more critical. The
available information sources include traditional databases, flat files, knowledge bases,
programs, etc. Traditional approaches to building distributed or federated systems do


Source: Ambite, Josť Luis - Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences