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Introduction Mantellas are colourful and attractive small frogs

Summary: Introduction
Mantellas are colourful and attractive small frogs
endemic from Madagascar (Jovanovic et al., 2006; Glaw
and Vences, 2007). The genus contains 16 species, with
five species currently classified in the Red List of IUCN
(Andreone and Luiselli 2003; Andreone et al. 2005;
M. cowani, M. expectata, M. milotympanum, and M.
viridis), and two species classified as endangered (E; M.
bernhardi and M. crocea). Since they are interested by
a considerable trade they are all included in the CITES
Appendix II (Rabemananjara et al., 2008).
Major threats pending on the Mantella species are
represented by the ongoing habitat destruction and the
exploitation for the international pet-trade (Andreone et
al., 2006). Although data on their distribution are being
accumulated, for some species only little information
is available. This is the case of the green mantella,
Mantella viridis, until very recently known only from
south of the Antsiranana town (terra typica), and from


Source: Andreone, Franco - Zoology Department, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Environmental Sciences and Ecology