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Copyright 1996 by International Business Machines Corpora-tion. Copying in printed form for private use is permitted without

Summary: 587
©Copyright 1996 by International Business Machines Corpora-
tion. Copying in printed form for private use is permitted without
payment of royalty provided that (1) each reproduction is done
without alteration and (2) the Journal reference and IBM copyright
notice are included on the first page. The title and abstract, but no
other portions, of this paper may be copied or distributed royalty
free without further permission by computer-based and other infor-
mation-service systems. Permission to republish any other portion
of this paper must be obtained from the Editor.
IBM SYSTEMS JOURNAL, VOL 35, NOS 3&4, 1996 0018-8670/96/$5.00 © 1996 IBM SMITH
Several members of a family of techniques called
Electric Field Sensing are described. Each
sensing technique can be understood as a
measurement of the value of a different
component in an effective circuit diagram that
summarizes all possible current pathways
involving the body to be sensed and the sensing
electrodes. An analytical model of the sensor
response is presented, and then a probabilistic


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences