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J. Am. Cerarn.Soc..73 (I] 54-60 (1990) Sintering with Rigid Inclusions: Pair Interactions

Summary: J. Am. Cerarn.Soc..73 (I] 54-60 (1990)
Sintering with Rigid Inclusions: Pair Interactions
S. Sundaresun+and llhan A, Aksay*
Departmentof Materials Science and Engineering, and Advanced Materials Technology Program,
Washington Technology Center, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington 98195
The interaction between two spherical, rigid inclusions in
an infinite, linearly viscous, densifying medium has been
studied. The stresses in the vicinity of tihe two spheres are
highly anisotropic, with significantly enhanced rates of
densification in the gap between these particles. A pairwise-
additiveapproximationfor the densification rate of the com-
posite is presented and compared with the composite-sphere
and self-consistent modelsdescribedby Scherer. [Keywords:
sintering, modeling, inclusions, composities, stress.]
I. Introduction
HE effect of inclusions and heterogeneities on the sintering
Tprocess has been a subject of many theoretical and experi-
mental studies.'-15 A reduction in the rate of densification
caused by the presence of these inclusions is well documented


Source: Aksay, Ilhan A. - Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


Collections: Materials Science