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RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Transcriptome analysis of reproductive tissue and

Summary: RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access
Transcriptome analysis of reproductive tissue and
intrauterine developmental stages of the tsetse
fly (Glossina morsitans morsitans)
Geoffrey M Attardo1
, Josť MC Ribeiro2
, Yineng Wu1
, Matthew Berriman3
, Serap Aksoy1*
Background: Tsetse flies, vectors of African trypanosomes, undergo viviparous reproduction (the deposition of live
offspring). This reproductive strategy results in a large maternal investment and the deposition of a small number
of progeny during a female's lifespan. The reproductive biology of tsetse has been studied on a physiological level;
however the molecular analysis of tsetse reproduction requires deeper investigation. To build a foundation from
which to base molecular studies of tsetse reproduction, a cDNA library was generated from female tsetse (Glossina
morsitans morsitans) reproductive tissues and the intrauterine developmental stages. 3438 expressed sequence tags
were sequenced and analyzed.
Results: Analysis of a nonredundant catalogue of 1391 contigs resulted in 520 predicted proteins. 475 of these
proteins were full length. We predict that 412 of these represent cytoplasmic proteins while 57 are secreted.
Comparison of these proteins with other tissue specific tsetse cDNA libraries (salivary gland, fat body/milk gland,


Source: Aksoy, Serap - School of Public Health, Yale University


Collections: Biology and Medicine