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0038-075C/03/16803-218-221 Soil Science

Summary: 0038-075C/03/16803-218-221
Soil Science
Copyright C 2003 by Lippincort Williams &Wilkins, Inc.
I Soil Ecology
2001. Patrick Lavelle and Alister V. Spain.
KlMuver Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Thze
Netherlands, 654pp., $ 295.00
IN writing Soil Ecology, Lavelle and Spain
have tried to integrate the large body of knowl-
edge from all the various areas that make up soil
ecology. And, by and large, they have succeeded
at this challenging task.
The book is divided into four substantial
chapters: I. Internal Environment, Microclimate,
and Resources; II. Soil Formation: III. Soil Or-
ganisms; and IV. Functioning of the Soil System.
With chapters of this magnitude, good organiza-
tion is a must, something the authors have ac-
complished through the generous use of descrip-


Source: Amador, Josť A. - Department of Natural Resources Science, University of Rhode Island


Collections: Environmental Management and Restoration Technologies; Environmental Sciences and Ecology