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Untangling the Web from DNS Michael Walfisha, Hari Balakrishnana, and Scott Shenkerb

Summary: Untangling the Web from DNS
Michael Walfisha, Hari Balakrishnana, and Scott Shenkerb
IRIS Project
a{mwalfish, hari}@csail.mit.edu, MIT Computer Science and AI Laboratory (CSAIL), Cambridge, MA
bshenker@icsi.berkeley.edu, International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), Berkeley, CA
The Web relies on the Domain Name System (DNS) to
resolve the hostname portion of URLs into IP addresses.
This marriage-of-convenience enabled the Web's mete-
oric rise, but the resulting entanglement is now hinder-
ing both infrastructures--the Web is overly constrained
by the limitations of DNS, and DNS is unduly burdened
by the demands of the Web. There has been much com-
mentary on this sad state-of-affairs, but dissolving the ill-
fated union between DNS and the Web requires a new
way to resolve Web references. To this end, this paper de-
scribes the design and implementation of Semantic Free
Referencing (SFR), a reference resolution infrastructure
based on distributed hash tables (DHTs).
1 Introduction


Source: Akella, Aditya - Department of Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Database Group


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences