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Mathematics at Saint Michael's A Guide for Students

Summary: Mathematics at Saint Michael's
A Guide for Students
An Invitation
If you happen to see some people from mathematics in the hall, we might be talking about our
families or politics or the Celtics, but odds are better we are talking about our work. We like what we do.
And we're not alone. We asked some of our alumni for their thoughts on their college experience and
their careers. Here are a few of the responses: "I feel I chose the right major. I love teaching math."
"Having a more technical degree has certainly given me an edge in business. With each new position I
have been offered I have been told that a big plus was my technical and analytical aptitude." "I was very
happy with the Math Program at St. Mike's. Every course I took has been useful." "I feel my mathematics
education laid an outstanding foundation for my work in the Navy and my graduate work."
If you like doing math, too, come join us. Take more courses, sign on as a minor, or look into
becoming a major.
This booklet will help you window shop through our offerings. If you find something you might like,
come in and ask about it. We'd love to talk.
Our Program
The mathematics requirements have been set up to both ensure you have a strong background, and
allow you to explore your interests.
We have a backbone of required courses, most of which are four credits each, so you will be strong on
the core mathematics. These courses include the calculus sequence, probability, abstract algebra, and


Source: Ashline, George - Department of Mathematics, Saint Michaels College


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