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Cooperative Game Theory Introduction

Summary: Cooperative Game Theory
Anna Khmelnitskaya
Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
e-mail: a.khmelnitskaya@math.utwente.nl
GATE Master's course 2011-2012
Research Master/M2 GAEXA "Game Theory, Experiments, Applied Econometrics"
January 6, 17, 2012
Anna Khmelnitskaya Cooperative Game Theory
Game Theory
Common features of all games:
1 there is a set of at least two players;
2 players follow a number of of rules;
3 interests of distinct players are different.
Game theory (GT) is a theory of rational behavior of agents (people) with
nonidentical interests.
Game theory can be defined as the theory of mathematical models of conflict and
cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers.
Its area of applications extends considerably beyond games in the usual sense.
Game theory is applicable whenever at least two individuals­people, companies,


Source: Al Hanbali, Ahmad - Department of Applied Mathematics, Universiteit Twente


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