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HiFi: A New Monitoring Architecture for Distributed Systems Management Ehab AlShaer Hussein AbdelWahab and Kurt Maly

Summary: HiFi: A New Monitoring Architecture for Distributed Systems Management
Ehab Al­Shaer Hussein Abdel­Wahab and Kurt Maly
School of Computer Science and Telecommunications Department of Computer Science
DePaul University Old Dominion University
Chicago, IL 60604 Norfolk, VA, 23508
ehab@cs.depaul.edu (wahab,maly)@cs.odu.edu
With the increasing complexity of large­scale distributed
(LSD) systems, an efficient monitoring mechanism has
become an essential service for improving the perfor­
mance and reliability of such complex applications. This
paper presents a scalable, dynamic, flexible and non­
intrusive monitoring architecture for managing large­scale
distributed (LSD) systems. This architecture, which is re­
ferred to as the HiFi monitoring system, detects and clas­
sifies interesting primitive and composite events and per­
forms either a corrective or steering action. When appro­
priate, information is also disseminated to management ap­
plications, such reactive control tools. The outlined solution
offers improvements over related works by supporting new


Source: Al-Shaer, Ehab - School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems, DePaul University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences