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Right Hemisphere Dominance in Visual Statistical Learning Matthew E. Roser1

Summary: Right Hemisphere Dominance in Visual Statistical Learning
Matthew E. Roser1
, József Fiser2
, Richard N. Aslin3
and Michael S. Gazzaniga4
Several studies report a right hemisphere advantage for visuo-
spatial integration and a left hemisphere advantage for inferring
conceptual knowledge from patterns of covariation. The present
study examined hemispheric asymmetry in the implicit learning
of new visual feature combinations. A split-brain patient and nor-
mal control participants viewed multishape scenes presented in
either the right or the left visual fields. Unbeknownst to the par-
ticipants, the scenes were composed from a random combina-
tion of fixed pairs of shapes. Subsequent testing found that
control participants could discriminate fixed-pair shapes from
randomly combined shapes when presented in either visual field.
The split-brain patient performed at chance except when both
the practice and the test displays were presented in the left visual


Source: Aslin, Richard N. - Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester


Collections: Biology and Medicine