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Permanent electric dipoles and -doubling constants in the lowest 1 states of RbCs

Summary: Permanent electric dipoles and -doubling constants in the lowest 1
states of RbCs
A. Zaitsevskii, E. A. Pazyuk, and A. V. Stolyarov
Department of Chemistry, Moscow State University, Moscow, 119899, Russia
O. Docenko, I. Klincare, O. Nikolayeva, M. Auzinsh, M. Tamanis, and R. Ferber
Department of Physics and Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, University of Latvia, Riga LV-1586, Latvia
Received 1 September 2004; published 31 January 2005
The article presents first experimental data on the Stark induced e-f mixing in the 4 1
state of the
Cs molecule, as well as the ab initio calculations of permanent electric dipole moments d in the
1,2,3,4 1
states and q factors in the 2,4 1
states. The appearance of the "forbidden" lines in the
laser-induced 4 1
X 1 +
fluorescence spectrum in the presence of an electric field allowed us to obtain,
for the rovibronic v J =2 82 level of the 4 1
state correlating to the Rb 4d +Cs 6s atomic limit, the


Source: Auzinsh, Marcis - Department of Physics, University of Latvia


Collections: Physics