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Understanding the dynamics and function of cellular networks

Summary: Understanding the dynamics and function of
cellular networks
Cells are complex systems
ˇ functionally diverse elements
ˇ diverse interactions that form networks
ˇ signal transduction-, gene regulatory-, metabolic-
ˇ have a function that needs to be performed
ˇ sense and respond to the environment
ˇ maintain homeostasis
ˇ replicate
ˇ need certain dynamical features
ˇ sensitive to some changes, insensitive/adaptable to others
ˇ robust to unwanted perturbations
ˇ evolvable, shaped by evolution
ˇ What is the relationship between the topological features of
intracellular interaction networks and the dynamic behavior of
Signaling, gene regulation and protein
interactions are intertwined
Mapping of cellular interaction networks


Source: Albert, Réka - Departments of Biology & Physics, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Biology and Medicine