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Math 5651 (Fall 2011) Course outline and homework assignments [Version of September 13, 2011]

Summary: Math 5651 (Fall 2011)
Course outline and homework assignments [Version of September 13, 2011]
This outline will be revised every week, so check back here frequently.
The schedule reflects overall pacing and workload pretty well but still requires
some fine-tuning week-by-week. Homework assignments are finalized on Tuesday
evening. Don't forget to hit the "reload button" on your browser to make sure you
see any recent changes to this page.
NOTES: (i) Homework assignments made in a given week are due Tuesday at the
*beginning* of class the next week. (ii) Section numbers and problem numbers refer
to the text by DeGroot and Schervish, fourth edition. (iii) Don't worry, there's
slack built into the schedule, so that if we hit a rough patch (or have a snow
day!) we can recover from it. I always end up using the slack one way or
Week 1[This is now finalized]
Tuesday, September 6: Sections 1.1--1.5
Thursday, September 8: Sections 1.6--1.7
Homework: 1.4: 4,6,7; 1.5:4,5,6,8,9; 1.6: 2,3; 1.7: 3,5,7,8,9;
(No hmwk in 1.1--1.3, but you should read these sections.)
NOTE: Standards for doing the homework are discussed in the "first day handout"
posted on the course web page. Please familiarize yourself with them.


Source: Anderson, Greg W. - School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota


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