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A New Simple Model for Land Mobile Satellite Channels: First-and Second-Order Statistics

Summary: 1
A New Simple Model for Land Mobile Satellite Channels:
First- and Second-Order Statistics
Ali Abdi, Wing C. Lau, Mohamed-Slim Alouini, and Mostafa Kaveh
Abstract __ In this paper we propose a new shadowed Rice model for land mobile satellite channels. In
this model, the amplitude of the line-of-sight is characterized by the Nakagami distribution. The major
advantage of the model is that it leads to closed-form and mathematically-tractable expressions for the
fundamental channel statistics such as the envelope probability density function, moment generating
function of the instantaneous power, and the level crossing rate. The model is very convenient for
analytical and numerical performance prediction of complicated narrowband and wideband land mobile
satellite systems, with different types of uncoded/coded modulations, with or without diversity.
Comparison of the first- and the second-order statistics of the proposed model with different sets of
published channel data demonstrates the flexibility of the new model in characterizing a variety of
channel conditions and propagation mechanisms over satellite links. Interestingly, the proposed model
provides a similar fit to the experimental data as the well-accepted Loo's model, but with significantly
less computational burden.
Keywords: Satellite channels, Land mobile satellite systems, Channel modeling, Nakagami model, Rice
model, Loo's model, Shadowed Rice model, Level crossing rate, Average fade duration, Performance
evaluation, Diversity, Interference.
Paper category: Propagation and channel characterization.


Source: Abdi, Ali - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology


Collections: Engineering