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Learning About Sustainable Energy Resources Page 1 of 12

Summary: Learning About Sustainable Energy Resources
Page 1 of 12
1. Mission Statement
Team LASER's mission is to provide an interactive, cutting-edge educational facility
where citizens of the world can learn about the progress and future applications of wind
energy. The North Windmill Project in Golden Gate Park entails renovating the existing
windmill structure so that students, tourists, and the general public can witness firsthand the
development and effectiveness of wind energy. The project's constraints are finite space,
minimal budget, and maximum safety.
2. Customer and User Needs
Interviews with local residents and site visits revealed the existing windmill at
Golden Gate Park to be a scenic location commonly visited for photo opportunities and
leisurely strolls. Many locals expressed affection towards the traditional outward appearance
of the windmill and the historic value of the site. Therefore, it is critical that the windmill
retain its exterior appearance. In addition to the information gathered through interviews, a
web-based survey was conducted to gauge people's attitudes and misconceptions towards
wind energy (Appendix A). The majority of our sample expressed a neutral or positive
attitude toward wind energy; however one widespread misconception is that wind energy is
expensive. Thus another project goal is to dispel this misconception and any other negative
myths pertaining to windmills and wind energy.


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


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