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Math Horizons February 2001 17 he National Collegiate Athletic

Summary: Math Horizons February 2001 17
he National Collegiate Athletic
Association (NCAA) holds tour-
naments and competitions to de-
termine national championships in col-
lege and university sports. Probably the
most popular of these is the Division I
mens basketball tournament, known to
sports fans as March Madness. In this
highly publicized competition, 64
schools are selected to compete in a
single elimination tournament. The
schools are assigned a seed from 1 to
16, and placed into one of four regions
with the lower-numbered seeds repre-
senting the teams thought to have the
best chance of winning. Each region
produces one winner who proceeds to
the Final Four where a national cham-
pion is crowned. The starting field for


Source: Archer, Aaron - Algorithms and Optimization Group, AT&T Labs-Research


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences