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Posting Protocol for Improved Keyword Search Success in PeertoPeer File Sharing Systems

Summary: Posting Protocol for Improved Keyword Search Success in
Peer­to­Peer File Sharing Systems
Lenitra M. Clay, Mostafa H. Ammar, Ellen W. Zegura, Russell J. Clark
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA
Decentralized peer­to­peer (P2P) file sharing systems, where peers query each other for content, are the most dominant in
today's Internet. In the unstructured decentralized P2P systems, there is no direct connection between content location and
system topology. Searches in such systems are typically broadcast within a limited region of the network and thus may
not receive a response if the content is not within that region. Structured decentralized P2P systems provide a connection
between content location and the system topology. There, queries can be directed to a peer who can respond definitively.
Research in distributed computing has examined the problem of matching a client process to a desired server process.
An approach to solving this distributed match­making problem is to have the server ``post'' or replicate information to
other nodes in the system. We modify this approach to be used in the decentralized P2P file sharing environment. In this
paper we propose a ``posting'' protocol to improve the success of searches in the decentralized P2P systems. By having
peers replicate keyword information to other peers the search success rate can be increased. We evaluate different posting
policies and compare the results for searching with and without posting.
Keywords: Peer­to­Peer Media Systems, Replication, Keyword Searches, Content Distribution
There are two models for P2P file sharing over the Internet: centralized and decentralized (See Fig. 1). These models


Source: Ammar, Mostafa - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
Zegura, Ellen W. - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences