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Proving that roots of primes are irrational using Michael P. Barnett,

Summary: Proving that roots of primes are irrational using
Michael P. Barnett,
Department of Chemistry,
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544{1099
December 10, 2004
The mathscape proof that the roots of primes are not rational is reported here,
to help relate mathscape to nuprl. I developed the mathematica package
mathscape to support symbolic calculation in the natural sciences, and I have
published the results of numerous mathscape scripts in the Journal of Chemical
Physics and related journals during the past few years. Recently, I wrote an
account of this work from the standpoint of functional programming. This led to
comments that I should relate mathscape proofs to nuprl. The root example
was chosen because it is the subject of an illustrative nuprl document.
The present note
1. explains a simple notation that supports the proof,
2. proves that r1=n is irrational for r prime, n 2 Z+ and n 2, using this
3. proves some simple extensions,
4. displays the mathscape script and explains it,


Source: Allen, L.C.- Department of Chemistry, Princeton University


Collections: Chemistry