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Modular Competitiveness for Distributed Algorithms James Aspnes Orli Waartsy

Summary: Modular Competitiveness for Distributed Algorithms
James Aspnes Orli Waartsy
We de ne a novel measure of competitive performance
for distributed algorithms based on throughput, the
number of tasks that an algorithm can carry out in a
xed amount of work. An important property of the
throughput measure is that it is modular: we de ne a
notion of relative competitivenesswith the property that
a k-relatively competitive implementation of an object
T using a subroutine U, combined with an l-competitive
implementation of U, gives a kl-competitive algorithm
for T. We prove the throughput-competitiveness of an
algorithm for a fundamental building block of many
well-known distributed algorithms: the cooperative col-
lect primitive. This permits a straightforward construc-
tion of competitive versions of these algorithms| the
rst examples of algorithms obtained through a gen-
eral method for modular construction of competitive
distributed algorithms. Moreover, we provide a lower


Source: Aspnes, James - Department of Computer Science, Yale University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences