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Paper Preview Paper Number 15730-MS

Summary: Paper Preview
Paper Number 15730-MS
Title The Effect of Overburden Pressure on Relative Permeability
Authors Ali, H.S., Al-Marhoun, M.A., Abu-Khamsin, S.A., Celik, M.S., U. of Petroleum and
Source Middle East Oil Show, 7-10 March, Bahrain
Copyright Copyright 1987, Society of Petroleum Engineers
Preview Abstract
In routine core analysis, porosity and permeability, both relative and absolute, are
measured permeability, both relative and absolute, are measured on rock samples
which are not under net overburden (confining) pressure. Using these data to
predict reservoir performance or estimate reserves can lead to serious errors since
all reservoirs are under net overburden pressure.
Data collected from constant rate, dynamic displacement experiments were utilized
to study the effect of net overburden pressure on porosity and absolute and
relative permeabilities. These experiments were conducted on small, consolidated
rock samples under net overburden pressures up to 41.37 MPa (6000 psi) and
room temperature. The pore pressure was maintained atmospheric. pressure was
maintained atmospheric. Examination of the data shows a decrease in porosity
and permeability with increase in overburden porosity and permeability with


Source: Abu-Khamsin, Sidqi - Department of Petroleum Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Collections: Fossil Fuels