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A&A 402, 769780 (2003) DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20030227

Summary: A&A 402, 769780 (2003)
DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20030227
c ESO 2003
Amplitude and orientation of prominence magnetic fields
from constant- magnetohydrostatic models
G. Aulanier and P. Demoulin
Observatoire de Paris, LESIA, 92195 Meudon Cedex, France
e-mail: guillaume.aulanier@obspm.fr;pascal.demoulin@obspm.fr
Received 27 November 2002 / Accepted 29 January 2003
Abstract. We analyze outputs from three-dimensional models for three observed filaments, which belong to the quiescent,
intermediate and plage class respectively. Each model was calculated from a constant- magnetohydrostatic extrapolation, as-
suming that the prominence material is located in magnetic dips, so that the field is nearly horizontal throughout the prominence
body and feet. We calculate the spatial distribution of the magnetic field amplitude B and orientation with respect to the fila-
ment axis, neither of which were imposed a priori in the models. In accordance with past magnetic field measurements within
prominence bodies, we also obtain nearly homogeneous magnetic fields, respectively of about B 3, 14 and 40 G for the qui-
escent, intermediate and plage prominence, with a systematic weak vertical field gradient of B/z 0.1-1.5 10-4
G km-1


Source: Aulanier, Guillaume - Observatoire de Paris


Collections: Physics