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Dr. Matt Pope Senior Research Fellow, University

Summary: Dr. Matt Pope
Senior Research Fellow, University
College London
Alumnus of the School of Humanities
500,000 years ago at Boxgrove, not too far from what is now Chichester, a
group of hominids occupied a small stretch of beach. They didn't stay long
but left enough mess behind to keep an almost 100 men strong team of
archaeologists busy for 20 years. They also inspired a remarkable career.
Matt caught the archaeology bug when he was still a teenager. He started
working for the Field Archaeology Unit of the Institute of Archaeology
UCL in the Brighton and Hove area and as he says himself - Within the
first hour of going onto my first site I knew this was what I wanted to do
with my life. Between 1990 and 1993 he studied at Cardiff University
under the late Professor John Evans. He was the single most inspirational
figure during my time as an undergrad.
He taught me how to think for myself. His lectures were sometimes
baffling, his mood unpredictable and he really wasn't interested in
anything other than getting our minds to work Matt says. It was with
him that Matt got involved in several projects across southern Britain; he
also helped him to develop a geoarchaeological approach to early human


Source: Anderson, Jim - School of Mathematics, University of Southampton


Collections: Mathematics