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Wireless Communication Systems Lab-Manual-6 Multi Dimensional Time Frequency analysis

Summary: Wireless Communication Systems Lab-Manual-6
Multi Dimensional Time Frequency analysis
The objective of this experiment is to understand Time / Frequency / Space /
Waveform characteristics of wireless signals. The students will be familiar with the
following items:
o Spectral measurements (power spectrum, spectral masks, spectral flatness,
frequency selectivity), temporal measurements (power versus time,
transient behaviors, temporal selectivity of signals), spatial measurements
(angular spread, space selectivity), etc.
o Relationship between the multi-dimensional characteristics of the signals
and exploring the dualities among various dimensions.
o Transient analysis of non-stationary signals (understanding and measuring
transient behaviors of signals)
o Cyclostationary analysis
o Time-frequency transform. Spectrogram. Scalogram.
o Code domain Analysis
· Understand short time Fourier transform and spectrogram
· Understand the TDMA and CDMA techniques that are used in GSM and CDMA


Source: Arslan, Hüseyin - Department of Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida


Collections: Engineering