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The Computational Power of Population Protocols Dana Angluin

Summary: The Computational Power of Population Protocols
Dana Angluin
Yale University
James Aspnes
Yale University
David Eisenstat
Princeton University
Eric Ruppert
York University
July 27, 2007
We consider the model of population protocols introduced by Angluin et al. [AAD+
04], in which
anonymous finite-state agents stably compute a predicate of the multiset of their inputs via two-way
interactions in the family of all-pairs communication networks. We prove that all predicates stably
computable in this model (and certain generalizations of it) are semilinear, answering a central open
question about the power of the model. Removing the assumption of two-way interaction, we also
consider several variants of the model in which agents communicate by anonymous message-passing
where the recipient of each message is chosen by an adversary and the sender is not identified to the
recipient. These one-way models are distinguished by whether messages are delivered immediately or


Source: Aspnes, James - Department of Computer Science, Yale University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences