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CS 4700 -Exam #1 -100 points Spring 2011 Fill in the blanks (1 point each)

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CS 4700 - Exam #1 - 100 points Spring 2011
Fill in the blanks (1 point each)
1. _____syntactic sugar ____________________________ is a term coined for additions to
the syntax of a computer language that do not affect its expressiveness but make it nicer for
humans to use.
2. _______abstraction ______________________ means complicated structures can be stated
in simple ways by ignoring many of the details.
3. In the pre-parsing phase termed_____lexical analysis __________________________ ,
characters are grouped into logical chunks (keywords, constants, etc) . The actual strings
that are matched are termed ______lexemes___________.
4. A metalanguage is a language used to describe_____another language ___________.
5. ____Generality____________________ refers to combining closely related constructs into a
single more general one.
6. _____Orthogonality___________ means features can be combined in any combination.
7. When similar things look the same, and different things look different we term it _________
8. With understatement independent, a user need only know about _____subset___ explicitly
used to write the program.
9. ____Preciseness________________________ means there exists a language definition that


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences