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TFPG: Timed Failure Propagation Graph A Tool for Robust Diagnosis of Reactive Systems1

Summary: TFPG: Timed Failure Propagation Graph
A Tool for Robust Diagnosis of Reactive Systems1
Summary of Features
The TFPG is a model-based robust diagnosis tool for a general class of reactive systems. The underlying
diagnosis system delivers online assessment of the overall system state based on continuous observation of
the sensors signals. The tool integrates several techniques to help identify and isolate failure sources and
distinguish between correct and false sensor signals. The tool is using an efficient, incremental, model-based
diagnosis approach that can handle complex distributed and hieracichical systems with large number of
The TFPG model represents temporal progressions of effects that are caused by failure modes. This simple
and intuitive model can represent a wide class of engineering systems and applications. The diagnosis
approach implements a set of efficient heuristics that can adapt to limited computational resources like, for
instance, memory restrictions in embedded systems. The reasoning algorithm can handle multiple faults and
sensor failures, and degrades gracefully as the number of failures increases.
The TFPG tool suite has the following components:
, and maintaining time failure propagation graph models.
in conjunction
The figu G diagnosis tool suite.
the design-time environment the modeler creates plant models in the form of timed failure propagation
ontact point: Sherif Abdelwahed, sherif.abdelwahed@vandrbilt.edu


Source: Abdelwahed, Sherif - Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Vanderbilt University


Collections: Engineering