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Page 1 of 21 Vertical integration in a growing industry: security of supply

Summary: Page 1 of 21
Vertical integration in a growing industry: security of supply
and market access in fuel-ethanol value chain
Jin Hooi Chan1
, PhD Candidate
Dr. David Reiner, Senior Lecturer
Electricity Policy Research Group,
Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
The global bioethanol industry has been expanding rapidly with an average growth rate of 15%
annually during the past decade. We focus on the top 30 global manufacturers and 10 additional
regional/national firms and identify three fundamental forces which drive the evolution in the
industry structure: (i) the permeability of the industry boundaries, (ii) security of supply and (iii)
access to market.
The permeability of industry boundaries is very high as entry is common from neighbouring
industries. Five main groups of players have been identified in the manufacturing segment: (i) oil &
gas industry, (ii) commodity traders, (iii) technology suppliers including engineering and biotech,
(iv) traditional food and beverage processing & farmer cooperatives, and (v) new entrepreneurial


Source: Aickelin, Uwe - School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences