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I N T R O D U C T I O N Think Globally, Act Locally

Summary: I N T R O D U C T I O N
Think Globally, Act Locally
To respond to the challenges posed by an older health care workforce, Think
Globally, Act Liri~lly.If you ate in a position to make staffing decis~onsfor
your hospital, then you are probably experiencing difficulty f~nd~ngnurses,
technicians, and pharmacists. If you are. building training programs in the
allied health field for your commumty, then you are very familiar with [he
scarcity of qualified teachers needed for these programs. If you are a public
health officialworking to respond to the dual epidemics of AIDS and obesity-
related diseases, then you are frustrated because you have fewer physicians,
health educators, and public heallh workers than you need. In each of these
scenarios, managers or department heads ate laced with shortages of skilled
workers. Each administrator probably thinks that more training programs
will solve their individual problems. None of the administrators would iden-
tify their local problem as a manifestation of the global aglng epidemic
How is aglng an eptdemic? Any phenomenon that occurs at a rate that is
over and above backgroundlevels can be thought of as an ep~demic.Steve Mur-
dock (chapter 2) summarizes trends in the population in the followngways:


Source: Arnold, Jonathan - Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center & Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


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