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Vorbeck Materials Makes Inroads in Graphene Technology
By David Savastano
While there have been significant gains made in the field of printed electronics (PE), there are technical hurdles that must be
overcome in order to take PE to the next level. One area is developing inks that offer high conductivity at a better price than silver
As one of the strongest and most thermally conductive materials known, graphene appears to
be one promising opportunity for the PE market.
Vorbeck Materials, a Jessup, MD-based company, is making inroads in graphene technology
with its Vor-ink conductive inks and Vor-x graphene formulations and composites.
"Graphene-based inks certainly can be used in a number of applications where traditional
carbon-based inks can not attain sufficient conductivity, and Vor-ink's price point is at a
significant discount from silver inks,"!said John Crain, Vorbeck's vice president of strategy and
business development.
Vorbeck Materials came into being three years ago, utilizing technology originally licensed from Princeton University, where three
of Vorbeck's founders were professors.
"We set up Vorbeck Materials to build upon the work of our co-founders and inventors, Aksay, Prud'homme and Saville,"!said
Crain. "Our mission has been, through internal development as well as through commercial partnerships, to develop commercial
applications for graphene."


Source: Aksay, Ilhan A. - Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


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