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Recent advances in visual and infrared face recognition--a review

Summary: +
Recent advances in visual and infrared
face recognition--a review
Seong G. Kong,* Jingu Heo, Besma R. Abidi, Joonki Paik,
and Mongi A. Abidi
Imaging, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996-2100, USA
Received 24 September 2003; accepted 5 April 2004
Available online 10 May 2004
Face recognition is a rapidly growing research area due to increasing demands for security in
commercial and law enforcement applications. This paper provides an up-to-date review of re-
search efforts in face recognition techniques based on two-dimensional (2D) images in the visual
and infrared (IR) spectra. Face recognition systems based on visual images have reached a sig-
nificant level of maturity with some practical success. However, the performance of visual face
recognition may degrade under poor illumination conditions or for subjects of various skin col-
ors. IR imagery represents a viable alternative to visible imaging in the search for a robust and
practical identification system. While visual face recognition systems perform relatively reliably
under controlled illumination conditions, thermal IR face recognition systems are advantageous
when there is no control over illumination or for detecting disguised faces. Face recognition us-


Source: Abidi, Mongi A. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tennessee


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences