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1D-and 2D-Sparse-Array-Optimization P.K. Weber, L.Peter

Summary: 1D- and 2D-Sparse-Array-Optimization
P.K. Weber, L.Peter
Fraunhofer Institut Biomedizinische Technik
Ensheimer Straße 48, D-66386 St.Ingbert
A. Austeng, S. Holm.
Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
P.O. Box 1080, N-0316 Oslo
N. Aakvaak
Vingmed Sound AS, Research Department,
Vollsveien 13C, N-1324 Lysaker, Norway
3D-ultrasonic imaging can be achieved by steering conventional single-element-
scanners (pseudo 3D imaging). The use of 2D arrays offers a wide range of possibilities,
which will lead beyond the limitations of pseudo 3D imaging. The introduction to market
of a high-end ultrasonic device for real 3D imaging was announced for fall 97. The
transducer of this device is a electronically steered and focused 2D sparse array, which
uses only a fraction of the channels required for a fully sampled array. The distribution of
the reduced number of channels can be optimized by the use of different methods to
achieve acceptable properties for the radiation pattern.
An improved genetic algorithm for sparse array optimization will be presented.


Source: Austeng, Andreas - Institutt for Informatikk, Universitetet i Oslo


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences