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Efficient Planning by Graph Rewriting Jos'e Luis Ambite and Craig A. Knoblock

Summary: Efficient Planning by Graph Rewriting
Jos'e Luis Ambite and Craig A. Knoblock
Information Sciences Institute and Department of Computer Science
University of Southern California
4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292
fambite, knoblockg@isi.edu
Planning involves the generation of a network of ac≠
tions that achieves a desired goal given an initial state
of the world. There has been significant progress in the
analysis of planning algorithms, particularly in partial≠
order and in hierarchical task network (HTN) planning
(Kambhampati 95; Erol et al. 94). In this abstract we
propose a more general framework in which planning
is seen as a graph rewriting process. This approach
subsumes previous work and offers new opportunities
for efficient planning.
As motivation, we will look at two domains: query
processing in a distributed environment and manu≠
facturing operation planning. Distributed query pro≠
cessing involves generating an efficient plan to sat≠


Source: Ambite, Josť Luis - Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences