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MPLS Automatic Bandwidth Allocation via Adaptive Hysteresis I

Summary: MPLS Automatic Bandwidth Allocation
via Adaptive Hysteresis I
N.Akar # , M. A. Toks˜oz
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department
Bilkent University, Ankara 06800, Turkey
MPLS automatic bandwidth allocation (or provisioning) refers to the process
of dynamically updating the bandwidth allocation of a label switched path
on the basis of actual aggregate tra#c demand on this path. Since band­
width updates require signaling, it is common to limit the rate of updates to
reduce signaling costs. In this article, we propose a model­free asynchronous
adaptive hysteresis algorithm for MPLS automatic bandwidth allocation un­
der bandwidth update rate constraints. We validate the e#ectiveness of the
proposed approach by comparing it against existing schemes in (i) voice (ii)
data tra#c scenarios. The proposed method can also be used in more general
GMPLS networks.
Key words:
1. Introduction
MPLS (Multi­Protocol Label Switching) is a forwarding paradigm for IP
networks in which IP tra#c is carried over an LSP (Label Switched Path)


Source: Akar, Nail - Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


Collections: Engineering