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A Variable Cell Model for Simulating Gas Condensate Reservoir Performance

Summary: ,
SPE 21428
A Variable Cell Model for Simulating Gas Condensate
Reservoir Performance
A.A. A1.Majed, King Fahd U. of Petroieum & Minerais, and EL. Dougherty,
U. of Southern California
SPE Membere
:opyrlght 19S1, Society of Petroleum Engineers, Inc.
rhls paper was prepared for presentation at the SPE Middle East Oil Show held in B8hrain, 16-19 November 1991.
Ihls papar wae selected for proeentation by an SPE Profyam Committee following review of information contalnad In an abstract submitted by the author(a), Conlonta of tho paper,
lapresented, have not been reviawed by the Scoiety of Pelroleum En@raera and are subject to correction by the author(s), The maferial, aa proaenled, doea not necessarily reflect
Enyp091110nof the Society of Petroleum Engineers, 11sofficcwa,or mem~era. Papers presented at SPE meetings are eubject to publication review by Editorial Committee of the Society
ofPetroleum Engineers. Permieaionto copy Ierestricted to an abstract of not mwe than XKl werda. Illustrations may not be copied, The abstract should contain conspicuous acknowledgment
9f where and by whom the paper Ie presmtod. Wrile Librarian, SPE, P.O. Box 833836, Richardson, TX 75083.3836 U.S.A., Telex, 730989 SPEDAL.
ABSTRACT Studies of depletion performance of gas
condensate reservoirs report the existence of a
A variable cell model for simulating gas relatively high, near-constant, oil saturation in
condensate reeervoir performance has been the vicinity of the p?ttducingwells shortly after
developed. The model closely epproximatea the well flowing pressure falls below the dew point


Source: Al-Majed, Abdulaziz Abdullah - Center for Petroleum and Minerals at the Research Institute & Department of Petroleum Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Collections: Fossil Fuels