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Scattered Data Interpolation in Three or More Variables Peter Alfeld

Summary: Scattered Data Interpolation in Three or More Variables
Peter Alfeld
This is a survey of techniques for the interpolation of scattered
data in three or more independent variables. It covers schemes that
can be used for any number of variables as well as schemes specifically
designed for three variables. Emphasis is on breadth rather than
depth, but there are explicit illustrations of different techniques used
in the solution of multivariate interpolation problems.
List of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Rendering of Trivariate Functions
3. Tensor Product Schemes
4. Point Schemes
4.1 Shepard's Methods
4.2 Radial Interpolants
4.2.1 Hardy Multiquadrics
4.2.2 Duchon Thin Plate Splines
5. Natural Neighbor Interpolation


Source: Alfeld, Peter - Department of Mathematics, University of Utah


Collections: Mathematics