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Neurobiology Joseph Ayers

Summary: Neurobiology
Joseph Ayers
444RI & Marine Science Center, East Point, Nahant MA 01908
(617) 373-4044, (781) 581-7370 x309, Email: lobster@neu.edu http://www.neurotechnology.neu.edu/
Biology U405; Key Number: 50363
This course will introduce students to the issues, models and experimental paradigms of Neurobiology.
Date Topic Subject Reading
Jan 7 Introduction Neuroscience and Neurotechnology Chap 1, PDF
9 Evolution of Nervous Systems Neuroanatomy of Different Phyla Chap. 2
14 Techniques of Analysis Visualization and Recording from Neurons PDF
16 Bioelectricity I Compartmentalization, Transport of Ions
and Origin of the Resting Potential Chap. 3
21 Martin Luther King Day: No class
23 Bioelectricity II Action Potentials Chap. 3
28 Bioelectricity III Slow Membrane Phenomena & Neuronal Integration Chap. 3
30 Bioelectricity IV Electronic and Chemical Synapses Chap. 4
Feb 4 Neuronal Communication I Types of Synaptic Potentials and Their Integration Chap. 4, 5
6 Neuronal Communication II Neuromodulation Chap. 6
11 1st Exam
13 Motor Systems I Muscle Physiology: Excitation and Contraction Chap. 7


Source: Ayers, Joseph - Marine Science Center & Department of Biology, Northeastern University


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