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ICS 431 Syllabi Designer: Dr. Farag A Azzedin

Summary: ICS 431 Syllabi
Designer: Dr. Farag A Azzedin
Date: 30/03/2005
Course Number and Title: ICS431: Operating Systems (3-3-4)
Course Description: This course introduces the fundamentals of operating systems
design and implementation. Topics include
history and evolution of operating systems; Types of operating
systems; Operating system structures; Process management:
processes, threads, CPU scheduling, process synchronization;
Memory management and virtual memory; File systems; I/O
systems; Security and protection; Case operating systems.
Course Objectives: 1. Introduce fundamental concepts and principles of operating
2. Expose students to popular operating systems such as
Unix/Linux and Windows.
3. Provide hands-on experience through operating systems
programming projects carried out in the lab.
Course Learning
Upon the completion of this course, students should be able to:


Source: Adam, Salah - Department of Information and Computer Science, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences