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CORRECTIONS Y. Wang, S. Ge, M. Rafailovich,* J. Sokolov, Y. Zou,

Y. Wang, S. Ge, M. Rafailovich,* J. Sokolov, Y. Zou,
H. Ade, J. Lu1 ning, A. Lustiger, and G. Marom::
Crystallization in the Thin and Ultrathin Films of
Poly(ethylene-vinyl acetate) and Linear Low-Density
Polyethylene. . Volume 37, Number 9, May 4, 2004, pp
Page 3319. One of the authors' names was incorrectly
printed as G. Maron. The correct spelling is G. Marom.
Page 3323. Discussion about the TEM image in Figure
8. As for the decorated fibrous crystal networks in
between the big crystal lamellae, although these appear
to look like the classic "shish-kebab" crystal, the lack of
significant stress during the formation of the structure
made it unlikely that these are real shish-kebabs, as
tentatively suggested in the paper. It is more probable
that they are immature lamellae formed by the chains
with lower molecular weight which were rejected from
the larger crystalline lamellae during crystallization.


Source: Ade, Harald W.- Department of Physics, North Carolina State University


Collections: Physics