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OOP and the Janus Principle Joel C. Adams

Summary: OOP and the Janus Principle
Joel C. Adams
Department of Computer Science
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
1 (616) 526-8562
It is easy for computer science students and educators to write
software applications in Java or C++ that are not object-oriented.
In this paper, we present the Janus Principle a simple software
engineering principle (related to the MVC design pattern) whose
use produces highly object-oriented code. We demonstrate its
effect by developing a simple Java networking application, first
without using the Janus Principle, and then using it. Students and
educators who follow this principle will write programs
containing highly reusable code.
Categories and Subject Descriptors
K.3 [Computers & Education]: Computer & Information
Science Education Computer Science Education.


Source: Adams, Joel - Department of Computer Science, Calvin College


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences